The positive feedback I’ve received on the website over the past month has been rewarding.   Thank you all for the words of support.  It’s been especially gratifying to hear people say the words and pictures have been a source of comfort.  I plan to continue adding to the website, so please stay tuned.

This past weekend I enjoyed hearing playwright, screenwriter and author Catherine Ann Jones discuss her latest book, Heal Yourself With Writing at my favorite local bookstore (Book Passage in Corte Madera).  Catherine talked about the importance of listening to our inner guidance and intuition, and feels that looking back upon her life, there has been a higher design, that she has been guided from one chapter to another.  It resonated with me as I’ve also come to appreciate and trust in the unfolding of my life.  Catherine teaches writing workshops locally at Esalen and around the world.  This latest book offers writing exercises as well as her own stories and insights into what she calls the craft and soul of writing.  For more information, visit her website, The Way of Story